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Welcome to .name

This domain name is shared between many people with the same last name.

The extension ".name" is a NEW Internet space exclusively for individuals' and individuals' names. Many names on .name are shared, like this one, and is therefore available to ANYONE. You can own a subdomain on this space by contacting me.

what does a .name email look like

.name email address are unique and for individuals like you. Your email would be "[email protected]"!

other .name examples:
   [email protected]
   [email protected]
   [email protected]
   [email protected]

4 things YOU

should know about your .name address:

Personalized... it's all about You... pick your first, middle, last or nick-name, pseudonym, alias, or something you are commonly known as! The possibilities are enormous!

Portable... your .name address works with any email or web service. With our automatic forwarding service on third level domains, you can change email accounts, your ISP, or your job without changing your email address. Any mail sent to your .name address arrives in any email box you choose.

Permanent... with a .name address you own your identity online. It's simple and easy to remember.

Free... the creation and forwarding of your .name email address is a free service.

sign up for your email address now...